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We are a data-driven brand and design studio located in Los Angeles, California. With over 40 years of combined experience in digital, film, entertainment across global brands, we are dedicated to creating a new kind of creative business. 

Our work is built from the foundations of digital experience, data and creative direction working with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world.

We work with clients of all sizes to build strategic foundations, creative direction and digital design that has generated billions of dollars worth of revenue from our previous work.

We are award-winning creatives, technologists, and business leaders who have experience across the globe with companies such as Disney, Apple, Netflix, Universal, Hulu, CAA, WME, ESPN, Tedx, REI Co-Op, AG Capital, Madre Ventures, LifeLine Financial Group, Endeavor Content and many others.

Our goal is to create sound brand and creative direction for businesses built from data, technology and proven algorithms. These tried and tested methodologies and strategies have helped many clients to transform their businesses.

Our work is built for business leaders who are looking to move their brand and creative direction into the future with a long-term roadmap aligned with their business goals. 

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Our mission is to help business leaders gain clarity for their future brand direction.

We take a bespoke and careful approach to working with each business. We start from a foundation informed by data, archetypes, and storytelling. We then set out to understand your business and audience so that we can build a solid roadmap for your brand. This roadmap is rooted in messaging, creativity and design. Our process enables you to move your business into the future with clarity - similar to the global brands we have worked with in the past. 

Neon Wilderness helped to transform the direction of our business. Giving new life to our brand. The collaborative sessions were part design and part therapy - revealing the truth of who we are and aligning everything beautifully.
Executive Director, Fortune 100 Company
Working with Jordan and Neon Wilderness was like deep sea diving and rocketing into space at the same time. I have never felt so limitless and creative in my life. As introspective as this process was, it was also incredibly expansive— providing an even bigger vision than what I thought was possible. Jordan is a careful, courageous and steadfast guide when building out worlds with his clients. I would take that journey over and over again.
Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles
Neon Wilderness is the company that gets it in a sea of "creatives". Ran by some of the most prolific and top-tier talent in their industry. Simply the best.
Director, Agency, New York
Neon Wilderness has given me an invaluable gift. I went to them for help discovering my brand but what I received was a lifelong roadmap and vision that exceeded my expectations. Not only do I have a bigger dream for what’s possible, now I have tangible steps and over 100 strategies to get there. Working with Neon Wilderness was the most productive and heart-opening experience I’ve ever had. I owe much of my professional success to them.
Founder / Owner, Los Angeles
The work from Neon Wilderness has become part of my secret sauce for future success. It's absolutely incredible and invigorating to see how Neon Wilderness takes who I am and translates it to some really beautiful and special. So much clarity and insights that a specifically designed for my personal brand.
Celebrity Personality, Los Angeles
Jordan is a master sculptor of creative vision. His process is intricate, diligent and deeply introspective. His mind is a beautiful balance of art and science, creating an entire world out from thoughtful questions and genius algorithms. I am amazed by how rich this experience was— I have a newfound sense of confidence and direction with my work. Forever grateful for this adventure.
Personal Branding, Los Angeles
Jordan is the Rick Rubin of brand strategy - he has a very intense and quiet way of reaching into your soul and extracting the truest essence of your brand. The best part is that the finished product always ends up feeling like something that emanated from you (the client), and not someone else. He has done this consistently for a few of our brands and my team looks forward to watching him do it again in the future

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